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Local Activation

One stop shopping to build your local presence. Nationally.

Representing more than 800+ stations across all major networks, the Katz TV Group has an enormous geographic footprint that touches nearly every state across the country. The company’s 11 regional sales offices are strategically located across the country to serve more than 1,000 active advertising agencies. With a unique regional sales structure, Katz TV offers clients a distinctive selling proposition with their ability to intensely focus on key regional advertisers.

Katz TV provides national and regional advertisers one-stop shopping to build a local presence. Through Katz TV’s reach and expertise, we are able to fine-tune marketing campaigns for significant impact in specific segments of the market with cross-promotional opportunities between broadcast television, digital and community outreach programs. The Katz sales force is complemented by an unrivaled research, programming and marketing team that together provide superior insights and marketing solutions.

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