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Ad Sales Operations

Strategic Automation Behind Every Buy

Katz Ad Sales Operations is a dedicated division within Katz Television Group that focuses on the pre-sale strategy, real-time negotiation, and comprehensive post-sale stewardship of national TV ads placed on local broadcast television stations.

Representing over 800 local broadcast television stations individually but simultaneously, we transact business daily utilizing the latest programmatic platforms and automated technologies to monetize results for our clients while maximizing efficiency for our agency customers.

With over 50 years of combined managerial experience, and a sales team committed to this purpose, Katz Ad Sales Operations is the industry expert in actualizing the aggregation of local broadcast audiences to help our agency partners create unwired national networks.

Our focus and expertise in systems and processes have created an ease of execution enabling our local TV station clients to access revenue from the national network upfront and scatter market places in an efficient and advantageous manner.

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Michael LawlessVP, Director of Katz Ad Sales Operations (212) 373-8150