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At Katz, we believe in aligning the power of action with the direction of force. Our clients join forces with us because we’re unrivaled in our field, and, because when local efforts add up, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Work with a marketing partner who can authentically bring you into the hearts and minds of America’s communities and watch your influence – and your success – multiply.


Katz TV Programming and Research

Stacey Lynn Schulman EVP / Strategy & Analytics (212) 424-6512

Press Inquiries

Jennifer Dugan Savage Director, Communications & Marketing Katz Media Group (419) 351-5145


Katz Local Activation

Craig Broitman EVP, COO

(212) 373 8282

Artie Altman EVP, Katz Television Group

(212) 373-8220

Katz Political

Trevor Heaton SVP, Political Sales (202) 955-5342

Katz Ad Sales Operations

Michael Lawless VP, Director Ad Sales Operations

(212) 373-8150

Katz Direct Marketing

Ben Buchwald VP, General Sales Manager, Katz Direct Marketing (212) 424-6127

Katz Business Development & Partnerships

Doug Pfaff EVP, Partnerships and Development (212) 424-6155