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Katz TV Programming and Research

Stacey Lynn Schulman EVP / Research / Strategy and Analytics / Katz Media Group (212) 424-6512

Katz Ad Sales Operations

Michael Lawless VP / Director of Ad Sales Operations / Katz Television Group (212) 373-8150

Katz TV Marketing

Peter Chrisanthopoulos SVP / Director of Integrated Media (212) 424-6295

Press Inquiries

Jennifer Dugan Savage Director, Communications & Marketing Katz Media Group (419) 351-5145


Eagle Television Sales

Dave Bisceglia EVP / Eagle Television (212) 408-3647

Millennium Sales & Marketing

Artie Altman EVP / Katz Television Group (212) 373-8220

Continental Television Sales

Artie Altman EVP / Katz Television Group (212) 373-8220

Katz Direct Marketing

Ben Buchwald VP / General Sales Manager, Katz Direct Marketing (212) 424-6127